Our Story

In a world where you can be anything, be kind to animals
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Wildling Box Co. was born in London, United Kingdom with a mission of creating awareness of animal cruelty around the world. We had this idea of printing  bold slogans on t-shirts and tote bags and have people wear them wherever they go, because if we walk around like human protest signs maybe the world will listen.

The idea soon evolved into a lifestyle subscription box featuring all the great cruelty-free brands in the UK. So by helping people discover new and independent brands, we're enabling them to boycott the ugly brands (brands who test on animals) and ultimately, we're taking a stand and slowly changing the world. Because the easiest way to make a difference is to make a conscious decision to only support brands who are cruelty-free



Why Animals?

Animal cruelty is a global problem in the beauty, cosmetics, fashion and the farming industry. At this very moment, somewhere in the world an innocent fox is skinned alive for its fur; a dog is chained and tortured and forced to violently fight for his life in a dog fight; chickens, pigs and sheep are being farmed inhumanely; sea turtles are choking on our empty plastics and elephants are caged for the tourist trade. And that’s not even scratching the surface. 💔

In most of those scenarios, the animals live a poor quality life in a cage, never knowing the compassion and love of humans, because of the way they’re treated from birth. Yet the world remains silent. WE WANT TO CHANGE THAT.

So we created this subscription box, curated with things that people like us would love. Each box will include either a T-shirt, tote bag, button badge, cap or some sort of apparel custom printed with various messages that promotes the cause. So by wearing our beliefs on our sleeves (literally), we’ll reach more people and spread the message.

-Leilah, Founder and Chief Wildling



20% of all profits are donated to animal charities around the world.

We are not affiliated to any one charity. There are too many to just choose one. Every month, we give a portion of our profits to various animal protection organisations who work to protect the voiceless. Below are our charities of the next three months.


The RSPCA is a U.K-based charity who do amazing work to help re-home and rehabilitate domestic animals who've suffered from abuse, neglect and abandonment. They are the reason why I got into this business to begin with.


The Humane League's mission is to help reduce the torturous environment of farm animals across the globe. Most farm animals are killed at 6 months old for the meat industry; they live a short life filled with terror. 


The guys at SANCCOB work hard throughout the year helping seabirds that have been abandoned and injured from oil spills on the South African coast - the ones most affected are the endangered African penguins (from my home city, Cape Town).