20% of all profits are donated to animal charities around the world

We are not affiliated to any one charity. There are too many to just choose one. Every month, we give a portion of our profits to various animal protection organisations who work to protect the voiceless. Below are our charities of the next three months.

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The RSPCA is a U.K-based charity who do amazing work to help re-home and rehabilitate domestic animals who've suffered from abuse, neglect and abandonment.


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The Humane League's mission is to help reduce the torturous environment of farm animals across the globe. Most farm animals are killed at 6 months old for the meat industry; they live a short life filled with terror. 

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The guys at SANCCOB work hard throughout the year helping seabirds that have been abandoned and injured from oil spills on the South African coast - the ones most affected are the endangered African penguins.